About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to become asocial marketplace where Green Bay Packers fans can meet, share in the passion of Packers football, buy and sell products from storefronts they created as one “Texas Sized” CheeseHead Family.

Our Story Before The Chapter

Superbowl XLV at J. Gilligans. Now Game day at J. Gilligans!

As a former member of CHPH, I was always on the outside looking in. The day the Houston Oilers split town is the day I found my passion as a Texas CheeseHead. Houston had no team at all! Thanks to my dad for feeding me the fuel to learn and create a Legacy for future generations. Together we can change the future, one Cheesehead at a time. I had to leave my home city and move to Grand Prairie near Arlington, Tx. I searched and finally found a home to recreate something I was missing back home. The rest will be History…

Join The Family…

Being a Texas CheeseHeads really satisfies! Get rid of the empty feeling of lone fan-lyness and cheer with us. Register to become a future vendor